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    Guess what!!!? Do you remember that guy that was hitting on us at the bar just before you left last night?
    As soon as you were out the door, he zeroed in again. Only this time, I didn’t just let him buy me a drink …
    You know, that thing we’ve been talking about. I did it. I told him he could take me home for $500. It was amazing! I’ve never felt such a thrill! And he seemed pretty happy too, lol. God, it was just the best. We did so much stuff. It was so hot, and he turned out to be really wild and kinky. I felt like I was watching myself on RedTube. You know how I love to get into my slutty, naughty character. Usually, I need to be hammered, but once I got rolling I realized… I’m an animal, haha!! And I’m always horny 😀 Prob shouldn’t really go into details here, but it was messy and hot and wet and very, very satisfying. We spent an hour just cuddling and kissing and talking afterward, and I couldn’t wipe the orgasmic happiness from my face … but I did have to wipe his from my face 😀 … and I was!! 😛 He was sweet too. He said I was a sexual Rubik’s Cube with lots of sides, colors, and combinations. Now I have to find some more men to twist me and turn me! You have to try it too. You won’t look back. Let’s set a date for next week. I want more man candy!
    OMG, I can’t believe I didn’t do this ages ago!!

    (Lusty) Modena.